We react to cultural awakeing of Armenia 


Our story

 It was in June of 2004. I was back only few days from Yerevan, Armenia. We were at the Starbucks with few of our close friends in Bay Area. I shared stories of my visit. Told them about the families I met, places I visited and people I saw.

The devastating earthquake in Armenia leveled the many buildings and yes…entire cities to the ground. Gyumri was at the epicenter! Many died. We lost many loved ones, families, friends. There was not a single person in Armenia who did not have a loss!!! 

Few years gone by, but much of the Gyumri remained in shambles. I saw people in the pain, in need for basics; like food, shelter… work. For many the earthquake took everything from them and left only one thing; Hope.

However, the biggest losses were not the buildings nor the infrastructure … but the “Future” of all these kids who lost their parents, family and support. What value do you place on clean water, adequate nutrition, a source of warmth, education?

The topic of our discussion in Starbucks suddenly took a different course. How can we help? What we can do?

And here, when my friends suggested the idea of Non-Profit organization that will be dedicated providing the bare essentials for the children of this fragile city.

Few months later on Feb 15 , 2005 the Artsakanck  (Echo) was born;  incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in California organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Now Artsakanck Inc. has many friends, supports and sponsors. With their help and support we implanted many projects for kindergartens, orphanages and schools in Gyumri;   provided daily meals for the children of kindergartens, sent Christmas gift packages, trees which have bought joy and happiness to the children. Many projects;  such as providing funding for English and mathematics lessons in elementary schools, installation of heating units, improvement of water filtration systems,  the refurbishment of various orphanages have already been completed.

Few others are underway…. And many more to come….

We are grateful to all friends of Artsakanck, who continuously give us their time, donations and most importantly their solid support.

Maro Madoyan Alajajian